4 Reasons Why Cashmere Scarves are a Must-Have This Winter

The fashionistas are well aware that cashmere scarves are back in vogue. No woman who likes to keep her wardrobe updated as per the latest trends would wish to miss out on the aesthetics of a cashmere scarf.

To start with, cashmere wool looks very different from ordinary wool, and while shawls and coats are rather popular fashions to this day, cashmere scarves are something new that have recently made their way from the ramps to the designer stores to the metropolitan markets.

Apart from the fact that they spice up your attire at any time of the day, another relevant fact is the comfort offered by these scarfs. With the winter only a few weeks away, these cashmere scarves aren’t something you’d wish to miss out on.

luxurious cashmere scarf

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Spectacular Tips to Style a Cashmere-Orange Pashmina with Various Outfits

When was the last time you took the aid of something traditional yet trendy to get a chic look?

The answer is perhaps not any time soon.

This is because most of the fashion lovers simply run behind the trends, instead of creating one. However, if you are one of those unconventional girls, who love to personalize own statement, this write-up is for you.

And to balance fad and ethnicity, nothing can beat the pashmina. Originated from Nepal, this cashmere pashmina is currently also exported from the hilly chimes of Kashmir and Tibet.

So, if you love this quintessential accessory, scroll further knowing a few essential ways top stylish your cashmere/Italian orange pashmina.

orange pashmina

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Here’s the Correct Way to Match Your Gray Pashmina throughout Your Schedule!

Dear ladies, if you already have a beautiful gray pashmina with you and you simply do not know how to use it, albeit enticingly in the correct place, then you are reading the right article! After all, just owning a cashmere is not enough – you should know how to use it with maximum effect. Also, for those ladies who are especially in love, it is a huge toll to dress up for the date.

Imagine your partner decides to call you up suddenly for the date and you do not have that perfect outfit. In that case, how would you manage? Also, say you have to attend a cocktail party and black dress is the code. What would be the ‘X’ factor of your dress? To deal with all such problems, a pashmina is your ultimate friend.

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Do You Know How to Chic-It-Up with Your Summer Yellow Pashmina

The scarf is the most staple fashion statement for every girl who loves clothes. Your scarf manages every fashion fiasco. It remains with you in good days and bad days.

Pashmina & Wraps keep in mind what the fashion lovers like while making the soft, velvety pashmina from cashmere and merino wool. It’s the finest shawl made from one of the best wool.

[Test of pashmina: Go for ring test. If the entire fabric passes from one corner to another through your finger ring, then that’s a genuine pashmina you’re holding.]

Yellow & summer!

In 2018, people wanted the most extravagant colours. Hence they chose the yellow hue to woo the world.

The yellow shade always has a mood-lifting effect that compliments perfectly with a bright sunny day. The colour brightens your skin and also gives a feminine or a rock n’ roll touch to your clothes, whichever you want.

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Work that Purple Wrap to Perfection & Avoid Perplexion!

Purple is an unusual shade often expressing a brooding aura. Well, most of you would assume that purple is one tone more suited for older women, right?

Well, come out of that stereotype! When you’re dealing with a domineering purple wrap and that too cashmere, it is NEVER dull, if styled right. You can easily work your mother’s purple cashmere to perfection, with some easy styles.

Colour coordination is everything when it comes to eccentric shades! Blue, black and red are multi-purpose shades which can work with any colour tone. However, fashion is all about experimenting! So, before you get cautious, you can work the eccentric royal purple shawl with few selective shades.

Ps – Don’t miss out on the attractive outfit suggestions either.

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Match Your Events by Juxtaposing the Right Shades with the Blue Pashmina!

If you’re thinking about changing your wardrobe lately, here’s an idea for you!

Why don’t you purchase a pashmina?

Authentic and regal, invest in these intricate cashmere wraps and get ready to work your old & new outfits all year long!

A shawl is versatile and can be worn in myriad different ways. From socialite parties to regular study sessions, a pashmina can work any outfit to perfection! But, if you want a pashmina that can sport both regal & funky look, pick the winning blue pashmina.

Trending since the royal wedding, many guests had flaunted their attires by donning blue pashminas. In fact, check out some of the vivid styles and colours to match with your bright blue scarf for your everyday occasions –

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How to Mix and Match a Lilac Pashmina Scarf with the Right Colors

Anything pastel is currently on trend. Reason?

The oh-so-calm undertone with a subtle touch of sophistication makes people fall for the pastel shades like baby pink, lavender, aqua, lilac and light grey to name a few.

Especially, fashion police nowadays are drooling over the pale violet tone, lilac owing to its soothing visual effect. In fact, many people are opting for a lilac pashmina to pair up with various outfits.

However, what becomes a real challenge is to contrast lilac pashminas with the correct colour combination and become a head turner.

Following are the few style tips to team up your ladies pashmina with different colors of outfits:

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