Here’s the Correct Way to Match Your Gray Pashmina throughout Your Schedule!

Dear ladies, if you already have a beautiful gray pashmina with you and you simply do not know how to use it, albeit enticingly in the correct place, then you are reading the right article! After all, just owning a cashmere is not enough – you should know how to use it with maximum effect. Also, for those ladies who are especially in love, it is a huge toll to dress up for the date.

Imagine your partner decides to call you up suddenly for the date and you do not have that perfect outfit. In that case, how would you manage? Also, say you have to attend a cocktail party and black dress is the code. What would be the ‘X’ factor of your dress? To deal with all such problems, a pashmina is your ultimate friend.

Here’s what pashmina can bring to your style

If you have to go office

For the corporate sector, the first thing that you need to have is a fresh look every morning. To achieve the same, the best colour is bright yellow with a pale grey wrap to make for the perfect meeting mode. You can either choose a corporate dress in yellow or go in for a nice yellow top with white formals and a pashmina acting as a belt to this look.

To embellish this burning look, you can get a diamond stud, and a bracelet, with a steel watch to complete this look. Try a top knot style or a belt style with your shawl to ace the look.

If you have to attend a lunch or an evening meeting

For all those ladies having a long day at work, nothing can beat the comfort of a skirt. At the max, you can try out a dress if you are comfortable with the same. Which colour? Nothing can beat green! Whether it is the lime green one or dark green or simply a lighter hue of green, this shade will perfectly match your gray pashmina shawl wrap scarf.

With this look, keep your hair up in a bun or you can also try the fishtail plait style. Accessorise with pearl set for the prefect effect.

What about a party at night?

A cocktail party, or simply a friend’s house party, the black dress can never go out of style. Add a sling back and ruby studs. Compliment this look with a grey shawl thrown over in a traditional format.

Be a careful buyer:

Most of the buyers of pashmina scarf generally look for discounts given the already high price of this product. Courtesy to this factor, sellers tend to blend synthetic with pashmina or some other product and sell it off. So, what do you get in the name of shawl? A blended product which is nowhere near its original.

Hence, firstly check the credentials and the reviews of the concerned website. Next, be ready to spend something between $500-$1000 per cashmere. Also, check whether the burnt end of the tassels of your pashmina shawl smell like burnt hair.