Spectacular Tips to Style a Cashmere-Orange Pashmina with Various Outfits

When was the last time you took the aid of something traditional yet trendy to get a chic look?

The answer is perhaps not any time soon.

This is because most of the fashion lovers simply run behind the trends, instead of creating one. However, if you are one of those unconventional girls, who love to personalize own statement, this write-up is for you.

And to balance fad and ethnicity, nothing can beat the pashmina. Originated from Nepal, this cashmere pashmina is currently also exported from the hilly chimes of Kashmir and Tibet.

So, if you love this quintessential accessory, scroll further knowing a few essential ways top stylish your cashmere/Italian orange pashmina.

orange pashmina


Styling this orange scarf can be an intimidating task at times. But not to forget, when paired correctly, you can be a stunner in real time.

Just like the amalgamation of lemon and orange goes perfectly well with any kind of outfit.

For instance, this pretty Little Lemon Print Fit And Flare Dress is a perfect accent with orange wrap.

Tip: Try to go for those lemon dresses which have a printed base of neutral colors like white or black.


If you crave for a sophisticated look, beige is your colour without a second guess. And when combined with orange, this lighter hue of brown brilliantly expose the warmth of orange.

So, have a stylish orange and beige look by pairing this graceful Soutache Mesh Dress with the exquisite orange pashmina shawl scarf.

Another mesh work dress is this pretty Pissaro Nights Beaded & Embroidered Cocktail Dress. Perfectly fitting for cocktail parties and romantic dates, this attire looks best when you use your orange wrap like a shawl.


To rock the crowd with an impeccable sense of fashion, consider navy blue along with orange. These two shades perfectly balance one another with a variant of outfits.

For example, get decked up in a navy blue Athena dress for a poolside party embracing the pashmina shawl wrap around your neck.

Moreover, if you admire body-fit wears, venture out navy Florence Dress along with an Italian orange pashmina. Hold on; there’s more to it!

For a li’l flamboyant look, consider this Sleeveless Fringe Shirt tagging the scarf.


Many say orange looks best when adorned with yellow. Summer or spring, monsoon or autumn, this jaw-dropping combination is ubiquitous.

Eluding maturity and youthfulness, these shades work well for both formal and informal occasions.

Suppose, you are having a movie plan with your friends and entail something to cool to wear. Slip on a yellow Caged Ruffle Cap Sleeve Top by wrapping the orange shawl around your head like a band. By the way, this is an easy way to sport a Boho babe look.

Another semi formal get-up is by donning a pair of Tie Front Trousers teamed with a classy top. Tweak the appearance, by wearing the wrap like a poncho.

That’s it!

So, now when you know the methods go and rock every event and gatherings with a unique style hack.